Mail Art Exhibition 2015

Mail Art Exhibition – Connection is Made…

Droitwich Spa (UK) / October 2015 – International artists

Droitwich Library, Victoria Square, WR9 8DQ, Droitwich Spa

Voiron (France) / November 2015 – Droitwich Spa artists

time & place to be confirmed


Tamara Jelača (UK / Serbia)

Tamara Jelača is Serbian artist, now living in the UK. As she works mostly in textiles, her two cards are embroideries and thermo-prints on fabric (One Spoonful of Art a Day and Turner Revisited). Both cards will be exhibited in Voiron in November.

Visit Tamara’s website to see more of her work.

Ruth Bourne (UK)

Ruth Bourne is a photographer from Droitwich Spa (UK) who’s street, landscape and architectural photography is of the highest standard. She played with two of her photos – Salwarpe and Smite Farm Granary – which will be exhibited in Voiron in November.

Visit Ruth’s page to see more of her photography.