Let’s Do Shakespeare!

2016 is the year in which we will mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. A series of programmes, exhibitions and creative activities throughout United Kingdom and in the rest of the world will celebrate the legacy of famous playwright.

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However, Droitwich Spa is connected with Shakespeare in a much more profound way. John Heminges who was, together with Henry Condell, the editor of Shakespeare’s First Folio, was born in the town in 1566. He was Shakespeare’s close associate and an actor who was, allegedly, the first Falstaff ever in The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Droitwich Arts Network invites the artists to send us their mail art inspired by Shakespeare, his plays, main characters, John Heminges and the world of 16th century theatre. 

No jury, no fees, no return of the works

No racist, sexist or obscene submissions will be admitted

Size: max. A4

Technique: Collage, drawing, poetry, visual poetry, typography, painting, engraving, photography, etc.

Artist’s /artwork’s details: Please give us clearly written – your name, title of the work, email address, website (if any)

Deadline: 15th May 2016

All mail art submitted will be exhibited during the Art Week in Droitwich Spa (21 – 30 May 2016, a venue tba) and published on Droitwich Mail Art website 

Please send your mail art on the following address:

Let’s Do Shakespeare!

Droitwich Arts Network

19 Impney Way

Droitwich Spa


United Kingdom

Contact email: mail.art2015@yahoo.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Let’s Do Shakespeare!

  1. Hello How are you?
    I Roberto Scala and I Mailartist so Will ready send by snail me My art works for your Shakesperare project PLEASE let me know If You receveid my letter
    Thank YOU Best TO Roberto Scala


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