Mute Sound (Spain)

Pedro Bericat / Mute Sound from Zaragoza in Spain was one of the artists in the last year exhibition. He sent us two mail arts that remind me of Avant-garde theatre doing Shakespeare.



Pedro Bericat-Mute Sound

For more info about Mute Sound please visit the website

Peter Prinsep (UK)

Peter Prinsep is a member of Droitwich Arts Network who started his artistic career as an advertising artist. His studio worked for some of the biggest companies such as Cadbury, Dunlop, Pilkington, Sellafield, Bryant Homes and many other well known names. In his retirement, his painting is still occupying most of his time. Peter sent us mail art titled ‘Alas Poor Yorick!’.

Peter Prinsep

Lourdes Martinez (Mexico)

Lourdes Martinez from Mexico has sent a mixed media postcard which can be called ‘a group portrait from the play’. The main characters from ‘Hamlet’ are portrayed as Día de Muertos skulls. The piece has titled as ‘The Characters in the Story’.

Lourdes Martinez

Snežana Nena Skoko (Serbia)

Snežana Nena Skoko is a visual artist from Belgrade. Apart from taking a part in various projects, she is also leading art workshops and curating the exhibitions. She sent us two mail art postcards inspired by ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

To find out more about Nena’s art please visit her page.

Nena Skoko (1)Nena Skoko (2)

Miroslav – Batan Blagojević (Serbia)

Miroslav – Batan Blagojević is Serbian artists who works in paintings, graphics and stage costume design. He worked in various theatres and he exhibited his art in over 350 exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Miroslav has sent an intricate drawing titled ‘Kaliban’ (‘Caliban’) inspired by a subhuman monster from Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’.

Miroslav batan Blagojevic


Ryosuke Cohen (Japan)

Ryosuke Cohen is well known in the mail art circles. His mail art project Brain Cell runs since 1985. ‘The project is a networked art project where individual artists contribute stamps, stickers, drawings or other images. These are sent through the mail to Cohen, who assembles and prints them as part of each cell. He prints 150 copies (30 x 42 cm) with a small silkscreen system called a Cyclostyle (now out of production). Each participant is mailed a Brain Cell print along with a documentation list of contributors worldwide.’ (wikipedia).  Brain Cell has enlisted over 6,000 contributors from 80 nations since 1985. Every sheet of Brain Cell is numbered. This one is No.942 and has stamps and stickers from 49 mail artists.

Ryosuke Cohen

Piotr Pandyra (Poland)

Piotr Pandyra is an artist and designer from Poland. He sent us a brilliant mail art titled ‘Dear William’, cotton thread stitching on the mesh that forms a postcard. A postcard to William. Piotr responded to the theme of this year’s exhibition with a wit and contemporary approach.

Piotr Pandyra