Long Live The Art! Call for Artists

Call for mail art artist to celebrate the ART.

The ART has changed its styles, significance and meaning so many times throughout the history, but it has always been a constant part of humanity and the lives of people. Everybody enjoys the ART – commons and royals, children and adults, blue collars and white collars – the art should not know any borders, limits or restrictions. The ART is capable to fit into any shape and form, to fulfil any expectation, to adapt to be understandable to all and to be enigmatic and mysterious. The ART has a duty to enhance the reality, to see the beauty, to recognise diversity, to provoke our thoughts, to call for a rebellion, to punch and shake us.

Please give your view of the art and send us your MAIL ART.

Theme: Long Live The Art!
Technique: Any
Format: please choose A6 (10cm X 15cm), A5 (15cm X 21cm) or A4 (21cm X 29cm), if possible.
No entry fee, no returns, all mail art will be exhibited. Racist, violent and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.
Artist’s /artwork’s details: Please give us clearly written – your name, title of the work, email address, website (if any). Please confirm your submission by email to mail.art2015@yahoo.co.uk

All artworks will be published on Droitwich Mail Art website.

Deadline: 15th June 2017

The exhibition will be held during the ArtsFest in Droitwich Spa, UK (1 – 30 August 2017).

Send your artworks to:

Droitwich Mail Art
19 Impney Way
Droitwich Spa
United Kingdom

Contact us: mail.art2015@yahoo.co.uk


3 thoughts on “Long Live The Art! Call for Artists

  1. Hi,
    Do you only want 2D work?
    If so that is a shame, there are many of us out here who work in mixed and multi media in 3D.
    I hope you have space for 3D work.
    Please let me know as I would be interested in becoming involved.
    Many thanks,


    • Hi Maggie,
      Unfortunately, the venue allows only 2D works because of space available, security…
      I would love to have all kind of art involved in the exhibition,but it is really difficult at the moment.
      However, do you mind sending me picture of your work as an illustration, so I can see if there is any chance to display it.
      Many thanks for your interest.

      Best wishes,
      Tamara Jelaca


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