Maria Darmeli Araujo (Brazil)

Maria Darmeli Araujo from Porto Alegre, Brazil, is an artist who’s mostly working in digital art collages. She is the member of Grupo Gralha Azul, a group of about 20 artists who work in a field of art books and mail art.



Márcia Leal (Portugal)

Márcia Leal is an artist from Praia da Vitória, a town on the small Azores island of Terceria, Portugal. She is collecting postcards for some time now and she decided to put her collection on her blog. She sent us a collage postcard “The Many Faces of Art”. 

Marcia Leal

Piroska Horváth (Austria)

Piroska Horváth from Ried im Innkreis in Austria is an artist who mostly works in traditional techniques, and her themes are often flowers and landscapes. She is working on the subject with a playful stroke of the brush and her colours are rich and expressive.

Piroska sent us 3 of her abstract paintings.

Piroska Horvath (3)


Cristiane Ziegler Leal (Brazil)

Cristiane Ziegler Leal is a visual artist, pattern designer and graphic designer from Santa Maria in Brazil. She was working on many art projects, research projects and teaching groups. She has sent us her postcard titled “Corpo Ideal” that is about how today’s society is bullying us to fit in all in the picture of ideal beauty.

Cristiane Ziegler Leal

Jason McLean (USA)

Jason McLean is a Canadian artist based in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Jason works in a wide range of media – ‘sculpture, sound works, zines, book works, mixed-media installations, correspondence art, curatorial explorations, puppets, and performance, but he is probably best known for his diaristic mapping and surreal drawings.’*** He exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions and his work can be found in art collections such as Museum of Modern Art, Vancouver Art Gallery, Bank of Montreal Collection and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Jason has sent us his collage made of Ray Johnson’s portrait postcard.

***from Jason McLean’s website. The bio was compiled and written by Jennifer L. Fraser

Jason McLean

Janine Kucharczyk (France)

 Janine Kucharczyk is an artist from Apprieu, France. She is working in various media, such as watercolours, ink, acrylic, ink printing and marbling. Her inspiration comes from dance, movement, living models, landscapes…  Janine contributed to both our previous exhibitions in 2015 and 2016. This year, she sent us her mail art titled “La Dame de Milo”. 

Janine Kucharczyk

Alban Low (UK)

Alban Low is an artist from Twickenham, UK, who works mainly as an illustrator, album cover artist, art projects and exhibitions organiser and lecturer. His style is recognisable by a vivid, expressive and bold gesture, and, not less important, the great narrative.

He sent us his lovely drawing with the description: “We usually see him up near the shop, shuffling in his slippers. Whatever you say to him you’ll get a ‘Luvely’ in response.”

Alban Low