Robert Tucker [USA]

Robert Tucker from Rancho Mirage, California, is a sculptor, painter and collage artist. His sculptures are inspired by nature and he uses organic materials such as wood, paper, oil, raffia, bone… while his collages are more oriented into a human body and abstract shapes collected together to create an intimate microcosm.

Robert has contributed to our project with a mixed media collage (painting, drawing and paper collage). More about Robert’s art can be found on his website.

Robert Tucker 1

Horst Tress [Germany]

Köln based mail artist Horst Tress is a well-known name in German art circles since 1970s.  He participated in more than 400 international exhibitions in galleries, art associations and museums, and over 20 solo exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Argentina, Belgium, Sweden, Italy… Horst was also involved in many collaborative projects and the organisation of other artist’s exhibitions. Since 1989 he publishes a magazine Köllefornia. Each edition brings reviews of art events, books and music, and contains the original contributions.  

Horst Tress is a part of Droitwich Mail Art projects since 2015. To see his previous mail art contributions, please visit his pages.

Horst Tress 1


Piroska Horváth [Austria]

Piroska Horváth is a Hungarian artist who works and lives in Austria. Her art is mostly inspired by nature – her paintings bursting with colours, applied on the surface often in thick layers. Piroska sent us two artworks, paintings made by using Rorschah test and attached to papers with traditional-style cut-out lace.

Piroska Horvath 2

Michael Leigh/A.1. Waste Paper Co. [UK]

A passionate mail artist Michael Leigh hides behind A.1. Waste Paper Co. Limited name. Michael lives and works (and collects the mail art) in Cheshire, UK. He is sharing his mail art around the world since 1980s and his collages always bring a pinch of humour. Michael’s lovely self-portrait has made my day!

A 1 Waste Paper 3

A 1 Waste Paper 1

Judith Skolnick [USA]

Judith Skolnick has sent us her postcard/self-portrait in a quick, expressionist manner. Judith is very active mail artist since early 1990s, a member of IUOMA, and her lively, colorful art can be seen as a part of many projects and exhibitions.

Judith Skolnick

Cynthia Morrison [USA]

Cynthia Morrison from Palm Beach, USA, is a multimedia artist in many ways. She is active mail artists, photographer, author, and playwright. To add to all her creative skills, Cynthia is a Lady Daredevil (to use her own words) – she is a competitor and instructor in all daring activities that you can imagine – racing, Scottish Highland games, jousting, powerlifting, martial arts and many others.

Cynthia joins Droitwich Mail Art project for the third time. This time we have her self-portraits that seem to reflect her enormous inner energy.

Cynthia Morrison 3