Anja Claudia Pentrop / Germany

Anja Claudia Pentrop is a German contemporary artist. She studied art bot in Germany (Berlin) and Spain (Barcelona) and her permanent interests are subjects of human rights and social justice. She mostly works on a series of drawings with a direct message about the issues that inspire her. Her recent work is a collaboration with a group of US prisoners who are awaiting the death penalty (Art From Prison and Collaborations Through Bars projects).

More about Anja’s Art can be found on her website.

Anja Claudia Pentrop

Pedro Bericat / Mute Sound

Pedro Bericat/Mute Sound from Zaragoza in Spain is a multimedia and mail art artist whose artwork is part of numerous projects and collections. His mail art is recognisable by a ‘package’ postcards, that often contains paper cuts, logos and found objects.

Pedro Bericat 2

Pedro Bericat 1

Roberto Scala [Italy]

Roberto Scala is a prolific mail artist who was involved in various mail Art shows, email art projects, installations, visual poetry and video art. He was also part of Droitwich Mail Art previous projects.

For this year’s exhibition, Roberto contributed several pieces.

Roberto Scala 1

Roberto Scala 2

Wolfgang Günther aka Nula Horo [Germany]

Wolfgang Günther, from Kassel in Germany, has been on the mail art scene since 1980. He is known for his concrete poetry and collaborative poetry projects with other international artists and poets. Wolfgang is an Esperanto speaker and teacher and he promotes the importance of the language for many years now.

We have a postcard with Wolfgang Günther’s self-portrait and a poem “Wobbling utopias of…”

wobbling utopias of…

barely categorical
the wide-meshed plushyness
of a pluperfect future.
& already now the eerie rustlings
of the halfdone demopaths
age-old pending patents
of the so-called Eden-hoe.
the affluent hibride Eves,
who take away the breath
of ostrobogulous Adams at large.
the ethics & excesses
of deficient paradises.
jes. see the empty
whipped cream siphones
on the bottom of the locker…

Wolfgang Gunther 2

Wolfgang Gunther 1

Peter Müller [Germany]

Peter Müller from Bremen in Germany is a prolific mail artist who contributed his art to many mail art project and art exchanges. He is involved in creating and publishing art books and publications consisted of prints, collages, handwriting and original drawings and found objects.

Peter has sent two of his self-portrait print postcards.

Peter Muller 1

Chuck Welch a.k.a Crackerjack Kid [USA]

Chuck Welch a.k.a Crackerjack Kid from Hancock, USA, is the part of art networking movements since the 1970s. His art (mail art, postcards, envelope art, correspondence art, paper art, the formulars, artistamps…) is in many private and public collections and museum archives, and he himself is in possession of a rich collection of artworks from other mail artists, some of the mail art pioneers such as Ray Johnson, Buster Cleveland, Bern Porter, Robin Crozier, Richard Kostelanetz and Edgardo Vigo. Welch was a member of Ray Johnson‘s New York Correspondance School.

Chuck Welch was the editor of  ‘Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology’ (University of Calgary Press, 1995) and the free copy can be downloaded from this link. He’s working continuously on networking and mail art databases with an ultimate goal to preserve mail art of the past and present for the future generations. In late 1994, he created The Electronic Museum of Mail Art (EMMA) at the Dartmouth College Kiewit Computation Center where EMMA became mail art’s first webpage.

Chuck Welch 2 Continue reading

Andreas Horn [Germany]

Andreas Horn from Bremen in Germany is an abstract painter, who sent us his postcard “Self Portrait – My Inner Structures” (acrylic on paper). Andreas says about his art: ‘My interest is not in the external form of things in the material world, but in the natural forces, the inner life and the inner spiritual dynamic processes of the material People who are to be found behind the surface of the objective world.’

More about Andreas’ art can be found on his website.

Andreas Horn