Chuck Welch a.k.a Crackerjack Kid [USA]

Chuck Welch a.k.a Crackerjack Kid from Hancock, USA, is the part of art networking movements since the 1970s. His art (mail art, postcards, envelope art, correspondence art, paper art, the formulars, artistamps…) is in many private and public collections and museum archives, and he himself is in possession of a rich collection of artworks from other mail artists, some of the mail art pioneers such as Ray Johnson, Buster Cleveland, Bern Porter, Robin Crozier, Richard Kostelanetz and Edgardo Vigo. Welch was a member of Ray Johnson‘s New York Correspondance School.

Chuck Welch was the editor of  ‘Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology’ (University of Calgary Press, 1995) and the free copy can be downloaded from this link. He’s working continuously on networking and mail art databases with an ultimate goal to preserve mail art of the past and present for the future generations. In late 1994, he created The Electronic Museum of Mail Art (EMMA) at the Dartmouth College Kiewit Computation Center where EMMA became mail art’s first webpage.

Chuck Welch 2

It was a great pleasure to get Chuck’s envelope. The envelope is made in a combination of collage, artistamps and rubber stamps. Chuck included two of his self-portraits: ‘Royal Order of Mai-Ling Pooh-Bahs’ (Portrait of Crackerjack Kid holding Ray Johnson cast iron bunnies) and ‘Sir Kid’. He also included a sheet of artistamps and black and white self-portrait ‘Total Eclipse of the Sun’.

Chuck Welch 3


Chuck Welch 5

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