Alex Witter [The Netherlands]

Alex Witter from The Netherlands, is an artist who is very active in mail art networking. He contributed his mail art to many international projects, but he also organises mail art exhibitions. The information about his current project “What Makes You Happy!” can be found on the blog.

Alex sent us his self-portrait titled “Egghead”.

Alex Witter


Bernhard Zilling [Germany]

Bernhard Zilling is an artist and writer from Berlin, Germany, who is involved in mail art network since 1992. He was studying history, sociology and cultural science, and he is publishing literature and is doing text performances as well since 1979. His mail art is included in many private collections, online galleries, and magazines.

Bernhard has sent us his postcard self-portrait titled “Sometimes down, Sometimes up”.

To see more of Bernhard’s art, please visit his website.

Bernhard Zilling

Ryosuke Cohen [Japan]

Ryosuke Cohen is a mail artist from Ashiya-City, Hyogo, Japan. His now famous Brain Cell mail art is circulating all over the world. In this ongoing project, Ryosuke asks other mail artists to contribute their designs, rubber stamps, stickers or seals and he incorporate them in his A3 size sheets. Each sheet is numbered and has a list of artists included in that particular issue. More about the project you may find here and here.

This is the Brain Cell 1015.

Ryosuke Cohen

Viviana Andrada [Argentina]

Viviana Andrada is an artist, art teacher and researcher from Rosario, Argentina. She has published many of her research papers and she also exhibited in national art congresses and conferences. Her work includes installations, performances, photographs, objects, artist’s books, mail art, textile art, visual poetry and urban interventions.

Viviana has sent us her collage self-portrait titled “Other Pair of Eyes Self”. For more about Viviana’s art please visit her blog.

Viviana Andrada

Ela Wysakowska-Walters [Poland]

Ela Wysakowska-Walters is a Polish artist who completed her MFA in 2011 from the University of Arts in Poznan. She is currently PhD student at the same University and also she organises art projects that involve people not necessarily with the artistic background. She is drawing feathers since 2015 and she always considered those drawings as a self-portraits.

She says: “With each line, I make visible the emotional states, identity features, hesitations, bold decisions, strong grips and whatever else comes together to make our self”. 

For more about Ela’s art, please visit her blog.

Ela Wysakowska-Walters 1

Ela Wysakowska-Walters 4

Ela Wysakowska-Walters 5

Amadeu Escórcio [Portugal]

Amadeu Escórcio from Lisbon, Portugal, is an artist whose art is shown in many art exhibitions and is a part of several collections. He contributed weekly to the magazine ‘Notícias do Tâmega’ with his illustrations and cartoons. Amadeu works in different media (paintings, drawings, graphics, sculpture, illustrations, mail art, comics…).

Amadeu Escorcio

Laura Vlavianos Malmegrin [Brazil]

Laura Vlavianos Malmegrin is an artist from Florianópolis in Brazil and she sent us 2 self-portraits, felt pen drawings with the titles: “”A Cara de Sua Avó” / “The Face of her Grandmother” (the purple one) and “Retrato Sob a Cegueira” / “Portrait Under The Blindness” (the green one).

Laura Malmegrin 2

Laura Malmegrin 1

Ljiljana Stevanović [Serbia]

Ljiljana Stevanović is an artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She is an active mail artist and she took part in the exhibitions of mail art and miniature art around the world. Ljiljana is also making art books.  Her art was exhibited at a number of solo exhibitions in Serbia.

Ljiljana has sent us 2 collage self-portraits, “Me to myself, third person 1” and “Me to myself, third person 2”.

Ljiljana Stevanovic 1

Ljiljana Stevanovic 2