Amadeu Escórcio [Portugal]

Amadeu Escórcio from Lisbon, Portugal, is an artist whose art is shown in many art exhibitions and is a part of several collections. He contributed weekly to the magazine ‘Notícias do Tâmega’ with his illustrations and cartoons. Amadeu works in different media (paintings, drawings, graphics, sculpture, illustrations, mail art, comics…).

Amadeu Escorcio


Laura Vlavianos Malmegrin [Brazil]

Laura Vlavianos Malmegrin is an artist from Florianópolis in Brazil and she sent us 2 self-portraits, felt pen drawings with the titles: “”A Cara de Sua Avó” / “The Face of her Grandmother” (the purple one) and “Retrato Sob a Cegueira” / “Portrait Under The Blindness” (the green one).

Laura Malmegrin 2

Laura Malmegrin 1

Ljiljana Stevanović [Serbia]

Ljiljana Stevanović is an artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She is an active mail artist and she took part in the exhibitions of mail art and miniature art around the world. Ljiljana is also making art books.  Her art was exhibited at a number of solo exhibitions in Serbia.

Ljiljana has sent us 2 collage self-portraits, “Me to myself, third person 1” and “Me to myself, third person 2”.

Ljiljana Stevanovic 1

Ljiljana Stevanovic 2

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen [Finland]

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen is a Finnish artist who contributed to all Droitwich Mail Art projects since 2015. She is a prolific artist, photographer and poet, member of IUOMA and European Cultural Association. She has shown her art in many solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Her art is in public places and various collections. Her poems and other literary work are published in Italy, USA and Finland.

Anja sent us a little parcel (excitement!) with a beautifully crafted self-portrait, made of threads, fabric and buttons.

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen 2

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen 3

Stefan Reinhard [Germany]

Stefan Reinhard from Schweinfurt in Germany is a member of the OBA Mail Art group, where creative people of all levels of skills share their passion for art. They also organise their own projects and take part in many mail art projects worldwide.

Stefan has sent us an interesting self-portraits made with collaged coffee filters and drawing, titled “My Coffee Me 1” and  “My Coffee Me 2”.

Stefan Reinhard 1

Stefan Reinhard 2

Doris Hanke [Germany]

Doris Hanke is a member of the OBA Mail Art group from Schweinfurt, Germany. OBA Mail Art group is a part of the OBA Art Workshop that puts together creative skills of professional artists and artists with disabilities in various programmes and projects. They have organised 3 very successful mail art calls so far (themes dedicated to Friedrich Rückert, Martin Luther and Typical German).

Doris sent us her coloured pencils drawing.

Doris Hanke