Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti [Italy]

Bruno Chiarlone from Italy has sent his digital print “Yellow Book for Daltonists” (“Libro Giallo Per Daltonici”). Bruno is well-known name in the mail art networking, and he’s mail art and artistamps are included in many collections and archives around the world. Also, he took part in last 3 Droitwich Mail Art projects.

Bruno Chiarlone

Marie-Christine De Grave [Belgium]

Marie-Christine De Grave from Berlaar in Belgium is another late submission, but very welcome nevertheless. She sent us her collage with (unofficial) title “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, which is a rather humorous critique of today’s obsessions with selfies and social media.

Marie-Christine De Grave

Janine Kucharczyk [France]

Janine Kucharczyk is a French artist who has been part of Droitwich Mail Art projects from the beginning. She is working in various techniques including etching, monoprint, watercolour, ink, drawings… Her inspiration comes from nature and the human body, and she combines them and experiments with different forms and ideas.

Janine sent us 2 envelope arts – “Self Portrait: At Work” and “Self Portrait: At Work Like A Puppeteer”. 

For more about Janine’s artwork, please visit her website.

Janine Kucharczyk 2

Janine Kucharczyk 1