Pietro Romano Matarrese [Italy]

Pietro Romano Matarrese is an artist and musician from Bari in the Italian province of Puglia. He obtained the qualification to teach as a professor of sculpture (1982) and painting (1985) and has taught at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Internationally renowned painter, he is also a sculptor, established musician and video maker. He has also published two monographic essays about Trulli, traditional houses build uniquely in Puglia. 

For his mail art, Pietro Romano often uses used shopping receipts on thermal paper. For this project, he sent us an artwork titled “Forest”.

Pietro Romano Matarrese

Andre Pace [USA]

Andre Pace is an artist, poet and writer from Glendale, AZ, USA. He is working mostly abstract and contemporary paintings in oils and pastels and graphite pencil drawings on paper.  He has published a book entitled, Contemporary and Modern Forums.

More of Andre’s art can be found on his page.


Sylvia Medina [México]

Sylvia Medina is an artist from México. She’s been painting since 2004 and has participated in various exhibitions of mail art, sculpture and painting in Mexico and also in other countries such as Costa Rica, Argentina, Italy, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Sylvia sent us painted postcard titled ‘Gracias la Magia’, inspired by the book “The Magic”,  self-help and spirituality book by Rhonda Byrne.

Sylvia Medina

Kata Marosi [Hungary]

Kata Marosi is an artist and art lecturer from Hungary. Since 2002, she has been regularly participating in national and international exhibitions and numerous international art colonies and professional tours in Hungary, France, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania and Romania. “Using some elements of realistic scenic traditions in his pictures, he builds on the mapping effect of colours, often organizing imaginary spaces from abstract motifs”. (artportal.hu)

Kata Marosi

Sándor Aranyi [Hungary]

Sándor Aranyi is a painter and graphic artist from Szeged, Hungary. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Budapest in 1974 and since then he exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. He is one of the founders of the Csongrád artist colony and chairman of the Szög-Art Art Association. 

Sandor Aranyi