Students from Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University [Turkey]

A group of 23 students from Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University in Turkey has sent us their mail art as a response to this year’s theme. All works are digital prints on the envelope, stamped with a Turkish official stamp.

Please click on each picture for more details.

Arzu Gürdal [Turkey]

Arzu Gürdal is an artist and instructor at the Süleymen Demirel University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Visual Communication Design, Isparta, Turkey. She sent us two digital prints of her artwork, both dedicated to Özdemir Asaf’s poetry book “Lavinia”.

Mary Rouncefield [UK]

Mary Rouncefield, a visual artist from Bristol in the UK, creates her art around various topics – mathematics, human rights, women, health, human trafficking, society, freedom… She uses various materials, skills and techniques, such as textile/soft sculptures, drawings, graphics, collage…  More about Mary’s work you can see on her website.

Mary sent us a beautiful watercolour dedicated to the novel “Death Comes to Pemberly” by P D James.

Mary Rouncefield

Miroslav Munižaba [Serbia]

Miroslav Munižaba is a prolific artist from Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia who exhibited his artwork at many national and international art exhibitions. His unique style is a combination of abstract paintings/monotype, figuration and graphical/technical drawings. He sent us two paintings, titled “Fraternity” and “Controlled aggression”.

Miroslav Munižaba (1)

Miroslav Munižaba (2)