Leslie Atkins [The Netherlands]

Leslie Atkins is an American-born artist who lives and works in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. She dedicated her life to art, art education and travelling, spending some time in Europe, Tahiti, Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. She collected and painted found objects, and also involved her art in subjects such as dementia, mourning, innumeracy, and plastic trash. Leslie’s intricate drawings with black ink on white paper are her favourite style. To see more, please visit her website.

She sent us a small drawing inspired by Doris Lessing’s novel “Canopus in Argos: Archives”. She also included a letter which briefly explains her choice: “I went to hear her [Doris Lessing] speak once, and she talked about the freedom of writing science fiction, because no one can argue with it. She said for example you could have purple giraffes steering space ships, and whatever criticism you got about unlikely characters or plot, you can just reply that it’s science fiction. That was a watershed for me.”

Leslie Atkins

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