Leslie Atkins [The Netherlands]

Leslie Atkins is an American-born artist who lives and works in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. She dedicated her life to art, art education and travelling, spending some time in Europe, Tahiti, Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. She collected and painted found objects, and also involved her art in subjects such as dementia, mourning, innumeracy, and plastic trash. Leslie’s intricate drawings with black ink on white paper are her favourite style. To see more, please visit her website.

She sent us a small drawing inspired by Doris Lessing’s novel “Canopus in Argos: Archives”. She also included a letter which briefly explains her choice: “I went to hear her [Doris Lessing] speak once, and she talked about the freedom of writing science fiction, because no one can argue with it. She said for example you could have purple giraffes steering space ships, and whatever criticism you got about unlikely characters or plot, you can just reply that it’s science fiction. That was a watershed for me.”

Leslie Atkins

Arif Ziya Tunç [Turkey]

Arif Ziya Tunç is a graphic artist, photographer and professor at Dokuz Eylul University. Before his university teaching career, he was teaching art in primary and high schools. He took part in many national and international conferences, workshops and exhibitions, and he was also awarded for his art. He sent us two digital prints. The first one is dedicated to the book “Leylim Leylim: Letters from Ahmed Arif to Leyla Erbil 1954-1957”. The second digital print is inspired by “İnce Memed”, a series of four epic novels written by the Turkish novelist Yaşar Kemal.

Arif Ziya Tunç (2)

Arif Ziya Tunç (1)

Çinla Şeker [Turkey]

Çinla Şeker is an artist from Izmir in Turkey where is works as an associate professor of graphic art and design at the Dokuz Eylul University. Çinla sent us a digital collage titled “Best of” and inspired to Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus spoke Zarathustra”.

Çinla Şeker

Ljiljana Stevanović

Ljiljana Stevanović is an artist from Borča in Serbia. She is a very active mail artist and her artwork is part of many mail art archives and collections worldwide. She also exhibited in Serbia and abroad, and organised several solo exhibitions.

Ljiljana sent us two cards in mixed media, both dedicated to an autobiographical book “A day longer than a year” by Žarko Laušević.

Ljiljana Stevanovic (1)

Ljiljana Stevanovic (2)

Maria Marzia Braglia [Italy]

Marzia Maria Braglia is an Italian painter, poet, and song lyrics writer. She is an active mail artist and very much involved in the Italian cultural scene. Her artworks have been shown in numerous international exhibitions. Marzia Maria has sent us a collaged card with a copy of her poetry book “Sono Angeli”, published in 2012. 

More about Marzia Maria you can find on her personal website

Marzia Maria Braglia (1)

Keiichi Nakamura [Japan]

Keiichi Nakamura is an artist from Tokyo, Japan. He started his mail art in 1994. when he was introduced to the network by Shozo Shimamoto, an internationally acclaimed artist known for his experimental art projects. Besides his participation in mail exhibitions worldwide, Keiichi has had organised several mail art projects (1995, Open Eye, 2010. TOKITAMA…) and also writes and publishes visual poetry.

Keiichi sent us a card inspired by “Sweethearts”, a  book of concrete poetry by Fluxus artist Emmett Williams (1925 – 2007). The original book consists of only one word – sweethearts – which is manipulated typographically into visual patterns. Keiichi Nakamura


Vladislava Krstić [Serbia]

Vladislava Krstić is a Serbian artist from Belgrade where she graduated in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts. Her sculptures have classical roots but with expressions and gestures of the 21 century. Her drawings are so gentle and precise, her soft sculptures/toys funny and warm. Vladislava sent us a drawing, a portrait of Anna Karenina, a misfortunate heroine of Leo Tolstoy.

Please visit Vladislava’s website for more info.

Vladislava Krstić


Nicolas de la Casinière [France]

Nicolas de la Casinière is a painter, illustrator, journalist and writer from France. As a freelance journalist, he worked for numerous newspapers and magazines, such as Libération, L’Express, Brittany magazine,  Le Monde diplomatique, Ouest-France… He published several books and he illustrated many books published by L’Atalante. Nicolas sent us a card, a mixed media (watercolour, pencil, collage) on the page of the old book.

Nicolas de la Casiniere