Klaus Pinter [Austria]

Viennese artist Klaus Pinter contributed his mail art to all Droitwich Mail Art exhibitions so far. His art is developed around simple digital, almost technical, drawings with interventions in basic colours. He sent us two cards.

Klaus Pinter / Austria

Austrian artist Klaus Pinter sent us his art prints to animate an audience to try out dance steps. He included 24 printed images/instructions for a dance, a quite elaborate one, and the viewers are expected to take prints away and/or fitting pieces together. I expect some line dancing in Droitwich soon! Check Klaus’s mail art […]

Klaus Pinter (Austria)

Klaus Pinter is an artist from Vienna (Austria) who send us a digital print, that puzzled me a bit trying to fit two pieces together. As I am not a technical person I couldn not possibly lead the instructions, so I left it as it was. The postcard is being exhibited in Droitwich Spa during […]


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Long Live the Art! the exhibition is open

On Tuesday, 2nd August 2017, the exhibition was set up and opened for public in the public library gallery in Droitwich Spa. I was overwhelmed with a number and a quality of artworks as they were arriving, but once when everything was set up on the gallery walls – it all came together as a […]