Vladislava Krstić [Serbia]

Vladislava Krstić is a Serbian artist from Belgrade where she graduated in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts. Her sculptures have classical roots but with expressions and gestures of the 21 century. Her drawings are so gentle and precise, her soft sculptures/toys funny and warm. Vladislava sent us a drawing, a portrait of Anna Karenina, a misfortunate heroine of Leo Tolstoy.

Please visit Vladislava’s website for more info.

Vladislava Krstić


Tofu (USA)

American artist Scott St. John (aka Tofu) send us a mail art postcard titled ‘The Shakespeare Vortex – A Lost Dr. Who Episode!’. The postcard is an intricate collage made from the old postcard from Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, place where William Shakespeare is buried. His bust is in the centre of the vortex.

Tofu is based in San Francisco and works in various techniques of paintings, collage and mixed media. Beside mail art, he works on landscapes, map art, lettering, collage, etc. To check more about Tofu’s art please visit http://tofuart.com/

Tofu 'The Shakespeare Vortex' 1