Karen Harmon [UK]

Karen Harmon is a Droitwich artist who was creating her art since her teenage years, but only a few years ago she started to do art full time. Now as a freelancer, she is teaching art to various groups and organising exhibitions in Worcestershire area. Karen mostly uses traditional techniques, such as watercolours, acrylics and pastels, but for our exhibition, she made a digital collage. The collage shows her in different stages of her life – as a schoolgirl, young woman and now (at the best age!).

Karen Harmon

Abant İzzet Baysal University students and lecturers [Turkey]

This year we have a group of students and their professors from Abant İzzet Baysal University in Bolu, Turkey. Very talented students have sent us 50 designed envelopes, all digital prints, in a variety of styles and sensibilities.

Two lecturers accompanied their students. Ayşegul Gürdal Pamuklu is a lecturer at the Fine Arts Department and her research field is graphic design and communication design. Arzu Gürdal is teaching a visual communication design. She does research in Educational Technology, Special Education and Science Education. She worked on a project that creates ‘tactile maps for blind people, tactile infographics for blind people and scientific illustration’.

Students who are participating in the exhibition are: Sema Nur Yurdakan, İlknur Özdemir, Ayşegul Karabulut, Batuhan Gökdemir,  Ahsen Yağmur Kara, Rabia Çiloğlu, Tuğrul Güzel, Menekşe Kuvel, Pakize Dübüş Kayadibi, Mahsun Kino, Damla Coşgun, Doğuşcan Uçunğan, Damla Coşgun, Nagehan Kaya, Büşra Taşköprü, Nur Yağmur Gezer, Nur Yağmur Gezer, Ebrar Ayça Işik, Sule Zeynep Özdemir, Esra Ölmez, Merve Salur, Şeyma Nur Tandoğan, Şeyma Geçgin, Eren Mutlu, Simge Çakirka, Ferhat Önder, Zehra Aydoğmuş, Emirhan Ustaer, Ceren Koç, Ishak Kürşat Altundağ, Oğuzhan Boruzan and Beyza Nur Aslan.

Rengin Solmaz Sönmez

Rengin Solmaz Sönmez is a painter, sculptor and photographer from Bursa, Turkey. She took part in many exhibitions and projects in Turkey and abroad (Belgium, Russia, Greece). She is teaching sculpture at Uludağ University.

Rengin sent us her mixed media self-portrait on hand-made paper, called ‘Shaman’.

Rengin Solmaz Sönmez

Alper Bilsel [Turkey]

Alper Bilsel is an artist and photographer and he is currently a lecturer at Uludağ University in Bursa, Turkey. He has shown his work at the numerous exhibitions and was a juror in some photography competitions.

Alper sent us dis digital collage self-portrait.

Alper Bilsel

Aysun Yürekten [Turkey]

Aysun Yürekten is an artist from Bursa, Turkey, who has graduated textile design and traditional textile techniques. She is a lecturer at Uludağ University where she teaches design, teaching methods and practice.

Aysun sent us her self-portrait in mixed media, ‘Me inside’.

Aysun Yürekten

Tugba Gürkan Şenyavaş [Turkey]

Tugba Gürkan Şenyavaş is an artist and art educator at Bursa Uludağ University. She was showing her art in various national and international exhibitions. She works in art field of digital design and installation using a combination of different materials and techniques.

She sent us her digital print titled ‘Ruined Lives’.

Tugba Gurkan Şenyavaş

Alexander Charistos [Austria]

Alexander Charistos is an artist and art therapist from Vienna, Austria. He is involved in art networking since 1997 and his mail art was part of many exhibitions, projects, performances and he also curated several exhibitions. His art is exhibited in group exhibitions around the world (Germany, Slovakia, Japan, Chile, Italy, Russia, Finland…) He sent us his mixed media collage.

Alexander Charistos