Fanclub 13 [USA

Fanclub 13 has started his/her art activities as ‘Ray Johnson Fan Club’ in 2010 but changed the name to Fanclub 13 in 2017, still dedicated to Johnson. Mostly engaged in collage street art, stickers and mail art, Fanclub 13 describes in his/her very own words: “I use trash and found objects in my hand-cut & paste collages then I leave them out on the street for people to enjoy…(or destroy)”. He sent us a collage titled “CLXXXIII”.

Fanclub 13 website.

Fanclub 13

Nicolas de la Casinière [France]

Nicolas de la Casinière is a painter, illustrator, journalist and writer from France. As a freelance journalist, he worked for numerous newspapers and magazines, such as Libération, L’Express, Brittany magazine,  Le Monde diplomatique, Ouest-France… He published several books and he illustrated many books published by L’Atalante. Nicolas sent us a card, a mixed media (watercolour, pencil, collage) on the page of the old book.

Nicolas de la Casiniere

Ruggero Maggi [Italy]

Ruggero Maggi is an artist from Milan, Italy. He graduated in graphic design and interior design, but since then he was involved in visual art, mail art, visual poetry, copy art, laser art, x-ray art… He is always open for an artistic experiment, using basic materials and combine them with neon, holography and lasers. In 1979 he organized the first Mail Art show in Milan and the following year he did his first Mail Art project “Amazonic Trip”.

Ruggero sent us 2 collages. One is dedicated to Platon’s “The Republic” and the other is inspired by “Don Quijote” by Miguel Servantes.

Ruggero Maggi (1)

Ruggero Maggi (2)

Raj Verdi [UK]

Raj Verdi is a London-based visual artist who sent us a collage postcard inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein”.

Raj says, “Collage plays an important part in my art. I am interested in dreams, the sub­conscious, and the dualities and conflicts that exist between our sub­conscious and conscious minds. I use the idea of juxtapositioning displaced objects, often in unrealistic scale, to create a surreal and sometimes disturbing atmosphere.”

To find out more about Raj’s art please visit his website.

Raj Verdi (2)

Raj Verdi (1)

Uwe Klein [Germany]

Uwe Klein is an artist from Dittelbrunn in Germany, who sent us a postcard that commemorates Johann Heinrich Voss, a German poet who translated Homer’s ‘Iliad’ in 1793. Uwe’s card is a collage of a page from a book, stamp dedicated to Voss and marker drawing.

Uwe Klein

Katerine Nikoltsou [Greece]

Katerine Nikoltsou is a prolific mail artist and IUOMA member from Thessaloniki in Greece. She has sent us two postcards, both inspired by classical literature. One is Homer’s ‘Iliad’, an epic poem which tells a story set during the Trojan War. The second postcard is inspired by Aesop’s Fables. Both cards are mixed media (acrylic, ink and collage).

Katerine Nikoltsou (1)

Katerine Nikoltsou

Marie-Christine De Grave [Belgium]

Marie-Christine De Grave from Berlaar in Belgium is another late submission, but very welcome nevertheless. She sent us her collage with (unofficial) title “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, which is a rather humorous critique of today’s obsessions with selfies and social media.

Marie-Christine De Grave

Eliane Patricia G. Serrano [Brazil]

Eliane Patricia G. Serrano is an artist and art lecturer from Brazil, who is a coordinator of Visual Arts course at the State University Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP), Bauru campus. Her articles on various art subjects and researches are published in numerous books, magazines, newsletters, journals and she took a part in various art conferences.

Eliane has sent us her mixed media double-sided card.

Eliane Patricia G. Serrano

Eliane Patricia G. Serrano 1