Fanclub 13 [USA

Fanclub 13 has started his/her art activities as ‘Ray Johnson Fan Club’ in 2010 but changed the name to Fanclub 13 in 2017, still dedicated to Johnson. Mostly engaged in collage street art, stickers and mail art, Fanclub 13 describes in his/her very own words: “I use trash and found objects in my hand-cut & paste collages then I leave them out on the street for people to enjoy…(or destroy)”. He sent us a collage titled “CLXXXIII”.

Fanclub 13 website.

Fanclub 13

Miroslav Batan Blagojević [Serbia]

Miroslav Batan Blagojević is a Serbian artist and costume designer who lives and works in Belgrade. He worked on numerous theatre productions in Serbia and was awarded for his work both nationally and internationally. His art is often inspired by Serbian tradition, history and mythology. This time he sent us his mixed media drawing in pencil, tempera and Indian ink titled “Serbian Legend” from the book “After ninety years: The Story of Serbian Vampire Sava Savanović” by renown Serbian novelist Milovan Glišić.

Miroslav Batan Blagojevic


Piotr Pandyra [Poland]

Piotr Pandyra is a visual artist from Kasinka Mała, Poland who often uses fabrics and machine stitching to create his art. In that way, his art is a unique combination of traditional, non-traditional, experimental and personal. For our project, Piotr sent a card dedicated to the novel “The Waves” by Virginia Woolf.

Piotr Pandyra

Rosalie Gancie [USA]

Rosalie Gancie is an artist from Hyattsville in the USA. She sent us a digital print in her very unique style – colourful shapes and figures, with a touch of decadence, on a deep black background. Her card is inspired by James Joyce’s “Ulysses”.

Please visit Rosalie’s page to see more of her artwork.

Rosalie Gancie

Luiza Coimbra [Brazil]

Luiza Coimbra is an artist from Grajaú, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She sent us an interesting letter/envelope made with tracing paper with the words ‘invisible cities’ written on it and the word ‘city’ in various languages, so it is possibly dedicated to Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities”.

Luiza Coimbra

Mikel Untzilla [Spain]

Mikel Untzilla is a mail artist from Legazpi in Spain. He’s a member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists), and his art is part of many projects and archives around the world. He sent us a set of postcards, inspired by the DADA movement, lettering, and typography.

Please click on each photo to see in detail.

Natalia Riabova [UK]

Natalia Riabova is a Moscow-born artist based in London, UK. She usually works in oil on canvas, ink on paper and pastels, but often challenges herself in mixed media. Her inspiration comes from fantasy, philosophy, religion, and romantic and decadent art and literature. Natalia sent us a portrait of Panfilo, one of the characters in Boccaccio’s “Decameron”, in monoprint, watercolour and pencil.

To see more of Natalia’s artwork, please visit her personal website.

Natalia Riabova