Anja Mattila-Tolvanen [Finland]

Anja  Mattila-Tolvanen from Pälkäne in Finland is a prolific mail artist, poet, and photographer and her art can be found in many collections and archives around the world. She has sent us 2 hand-made art books.


Anja Mattila-Tolvanen (3)

The smaller book is about the relationships between women and men and their role in our society. Anja explains the second book: “The larger book contains a broad historical message. It emphasizes the importance of literacy, syllabus and education. The book also contains a message from Pälkäne and Pälkäne’s history.” The book also celebrates literacy in Pälkäne, where, in 1719, a bookmaker Daniel Medelplan was commissioned by the Church to create the ABC book. The book was printed in 1000 copies and used for years, but not a single copy survived. Medelplan’s book helped greatly literacy in Pälkäne.

Anja Mattila-Tolvanen (1)Anja Mattila-Tolvanen (2)


Piroska Horváth (Austria)

Piroska Horváth is an artist from Austria who was taking part in previous Droitwich Mail Art exhibitions. This year, she sent us prints of a digital book with photos of her previous exhibits on our exhibitions, together with photos of the exhibitions and certificates.

Burak Boyraz [Turkey]

Istanbul-born artist Burak Boyraz whose specialist interests are paintings and traditional paintings and restoration,  exhibited his artworks in numerous exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. He also took part in various research and education projects and courses. He has sent us an original painting titled “Dementia – Mini III (Snow)”, inspired by Orhan Pamuk’s novel “Snow”.

Burak Boyraz

Ever Arts [The Netherlands]

The artist with pseudonym EVER ARTS from The Netherlands has sent us two copies of the postcard. It is a photo of a bird and it is inspired by the French novelist Romain Gary’s book ” The Birds Come to Die in Peru”. There is also a political message ‘Oil and birds don’t mix’ that raises a question of the oil pollution.

Ever Arts (1)

Ever Arts (2)

Pietro Romano Matarrese [Italy]

Pietro Romano Matarrese is an artist and musician from Bari in the Italian province of Puglia. He obtained the qualification to teach as a professor of sculpture (1982) and painting (1985) and has taught at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Internationally renowned painter, he is also a sculptor, established musician and video maker. He has also published two monographic essays about Trulli, traditional houses build uniquely in Puglia. 

For his mail art, Pietro Romano often uses used shopping receipts on thermal paper. For this project, he sent us an artwork titled “Forest”.

Pietro Romano Matarrese