Rengin Solmaz Sönmez

Rengin Solmaz Sönmez is a painter, sculptor and photographer from Bursa, Turkey. She took part in many exhibitions and projects in Turkey and abroad (Belgium, Russia, Greece). She is teaching sculpture at Uludağ University.

Rengin sent us her mixed media self-portrait on hand-made paper, called ‘Shaman’.

Rengin Solmaz Sönmez

Alper Bilsel [Turkey]

Alper Bilsel is an artist and photographer and he is currently a lecturer at Uludağ University in Bursa, Turkey. He has shown his work at the numerous exhibitions and was a juror in some photography competitions.

Alper sent us dis digital collage self-portrait.

Alper Bilsel

Aysun Yürekten [Turkey]

Aysun Yürekten is an artist from Bursa, Turkey, who has graduated textile design and traditional textile techniques. She is a lecturer at Uludağ University where she teaches design, teaching methods and practice.

Aysun sent us her self-portrait in mixed media, ‘Me inside’.

Aysun Yürekten

Tugba Gürkan Şenyavaş [Turkey]

Tugba Gürkan Şenyavaş is an artist and art educator at Bursa Uludağ University. She was showing her art in various national and international exhibitions. She works in art field of digital design and installation using a combination of different materials and techniques.

She sent us her digital print titled ‘Ruined Lives’.

Tugba Gurkan Şenyavaş

Alexander Charistos [Austria]

Alexander Charistos is an artist and art therapist from Vienna, Austria. He is involved in art networking since 1997 and his mail art was part of many exhibitions, projects, performances and he also curated several exhibitions. His art is exhibited in group exhibitions around the world (Germany, Slovakia, Japan, Chile, Italy, Russia, Finland…) He sent us his mixed media collage.

Alexander Charistos

Arki Grynberg [UK]

Arki Grynberg, an artist from London, UK, is a prolific collagist whose artwork is exhibited in many art exhibitions, mail art projects and published in magazines, zines and catalogues. His collages are very rich, both in ideas and the style, and he often combines paper collage with painting. To see more of Arki’s art please visit his Instagram page.

Arki has sent us his self-portrait titled ‘The Inner Peace’. 

Arki Grynberg


Marija Jelača [Serbia]

Marija Jelača from Belgrade in Serbia has always been very artistic, but she spent her working life as a nurse. Now in retirement, she decided to revive her love for art and at the moment she’s finding her way through various themes and techniques. Marija sent 3 of the self-portraits that depict her in various stages in life – as a child, an adult and an elderly lady.

Marija is my mum, and I am very proud she will be part of the exhibition.

Maja Jelaca 2

Giulia Seri [Italy]

Giulia Seri is an Italian painter and printmaker from Firenze, who sent us her dark self-portrait titled ‘Self portrait with a bad thought’.  On her website, Giulia says about her work: “My work is an exploration of my soul without filters, from its darkest parts to my childhood memories. Particularly relevant for me is the investigation of questions related to identity and the way in which is defined, mental health issues and body perception. The figures that I represent are often dark, deformed and seem to be inhabited by the emotions they feel. They consist in the somatization of their own feelings and the emotional pain they live.”

Giulia Seri