Carl Baker / Canada

Carl Baker is a prolific mail artist from Peterborough, Canada. He sent us a several graphics and his unique customised zine. Carl’s art is in the range of drawings, paintings, digital art, visual poetry, lettering, asemic writing, stamping and stencilling, digital manipulation and collage.


Atrayee Chattopadhyay / United Arab Emirates

Atrayee Chattopadhyay is born in New Delhi, but lives and works in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She is a professional mixed media artist, printmaker and visual story teller. Her artworks were exhibited internationally ( India, Australia, Canada, U.S.A, U A E, England, Hungary, Turkey, France, Germany and Finland, Netherland and Russia).

Atrayee sent us her mixed media postcard “Part of my mother’s letter”.

Atrayee Chattopadhyay

To find more about Atrayee’s art, please visit her page.

Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti / Italy

Bruno Chiarlone Debenedetti is an Italian mail artist, visual poet and writer from Italy. In 1990 he wrote the Manifesto of the poetry of eco-art. In his home country Liguria, he also created large murals. Since 1996 he has been editing the monthly magazine “Val Bormida”. He also published a historical novel. Bruno Chiarlone lives and works in Cairo Montenotte, Savona.

More about Bruno’s art can be found on his blog.



Bruno Chiarlone-2

Bruno Chiarlione 1-2

Horst Tress / Germany

Horst Tress is recognised mail artist who is active on the art scene since 1970. He is trained as a typographer and commercial artist and his art has been shown in 400 international exhibitions in galleries, artistic associations and museums. Horst exhibited in 24 solo exhibitions in the 1970s and 1980s, and his work is published in numerous catalogues and books.

Horst Tress has taken a part in our exhibition in 2015 and 2016. This time he sent us his witty and thought-provoking graphics – “I feel like a toothpaste tube”, “Drain Cleaner” and “Spray painting is a daughter of freedom”. 

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Michael Ridge / UK

Michael Ridge is Sound and New Media artist from Norwich, UK, who works under alias Zebra Mu. He works with found objects, sound storage mediums (vinyls and cassette tapes) and is a part of drawing/zine/mail art duo Ridge & Scrase.

For full information about Michael’s work, please visit his website.

Michael Ridge

Predrag Kovačić / Serbia

Predrag Kovačić is young Serbian artist from Sremska Mitrovica. He graduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia in Sculpture, and finished his master studies in 2013. He is a member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists).

Predrag works in a wide spectrum of media – drawings, sculptures, paintings, photography, art installations, performances – but keeps a specific abstract expression throughout his whole body of work. For more information about Predrag’s art, please visit his website.

Predrag sent us a digital print titled “JRĆ”.

Predrag Kovacic

Honoria Starbuck / USA

Honoria Starbuck is a visual artist and art teacher from Austin, TX. She is active mail artist since 1989. Her mail art has been shown in many international art festivals, Mail Art congresses, museums, galleries, restaurants, and private settings.

Honoria draws the inspiration for her art from art history, especially prehistoric cave paintings, and from there she develops her abstract art and expressive gestural paintings and drawings of animals and human figures.

Honoria Starbuck

Her digital art is very interesting, both because of the subjects and style. She is creating her digital art in a manner of various traditional techniques, but with a distinctly modern approach and full use of 21st-century technology.

To learn more about Honoria Starbuck’s art, please visit her website.

2017 exhibition update

The official deadline for the submissions has passed and now comes an exciting time of sorting, photographing and publishing of all fantastic mail art that has kept arriving in last 3 months.

138 artists from 25 countries sent us their postcards and, I must admit, I still don’t have an exact number of artworks. The response was overwhelming, and we have posts from mail art veterans (Ryosuke Cohen, Horst Tress, Katerina Nikoltsou…) and some very young artists that never exhibited their art abroad before.

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