About Droitwich Mail Art

4th International Mail Art in Droitwich Spa

1 – 29 July 2018, Droitwich library

Droitwich Arts Network invited the artists from our French twin town, Voiron, to participate in a Mail Art Exhibition. French artists sent us their fantastic art postcards, so we wish to spread the word and have even more artists from around the world. Now, we are proud to show mail art that arrived from UK, Germany, Finland, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Norway, Greece, USA, Austria, Brasil, Australia…


The first Droitwich Mail Art exhibition was held in 2015 with the theme ‘Connection Is Made…’. The idea behind the theme was to connect artists from Voiron with their colleagues in Droitwich. It was decided to go beyond this starting point and invite artists from around the world to join in.

2016 exhibition was part of the 400 Shakespeare anniversary, which was celebrated worldwide throughout the whole year. The exhibition was organised in The Meetbox, local pop-up gallery and the art centre. The selection was so exciting in its diversity in approach to the theme, interpretation and techniques.

2017 brings a new ArtsFest to Droitwich. Droitwich Arts Network, the organiser of the festival, again supports Droitwich Mail Art and help with logistic and promotion.

My aim with Droitwich Mail Art is to bring a breath of fresh and free art to the town and inspire creativity among local artists and public.

Tamara Jelača

Contact:  mail.art2015@yahoo.co.uk

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