Long Live the Art! the exhibition is open

On Tuesday, 2nd August 2017, the exhibition was set up and opened for public in the public library gallery in Droitwich Spa. I was overwhelmed with a number and a quality of artworks as they were arriving, but once when everything was set up on the gallery walls – it all came together as a fantastic display of creativity.

Exhibition 2

157 artists from 26 countries contributed to “Long Live the Art!” mail art exhibition. I found lots of fun in preparing the exhibition, from photographing each entry to a bit of research work and creating individual artists’ pages online.  Continue reading


Neiva Mattioli Leite (Brazil)

Neiva Mattioli Leite is an artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil. She is a member of Grupo Galha Azul, which mail activities are making art books and mail art. Neiva sent us a gentle painting of ballet dancers in a style that combines two great masters – Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec.

Neiva Mattioli Leite


Sirlei Caetano (Brazil)

Sirlei Caetano is an artist from Porto Alegre in Brazil. She is also a member of the art group Grupo Gralha Azul. She is contributing her art to numerous mail art projects and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. She sent us a collage that connects different arts – paintings, ceramics, ballet, performance…

Sirlei Caetano