Engin Aslan [Turkey]

Engin Aslan from Nigde in Turkey is a prolific artist who has exhibited his art at numerous exhibitions and he also won several awards. His art is a part of 3 private and 2 public art collections.

Engin’s self-portrait is in line with his usual style – bold and very expressive, with no fear of black colour domination.

Engin Aslan


Ekin Su Topcu + students [Turkey]

Ekin Su Topcu from Izmir in Turkey has graduated and completed her Master Degree in Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir. She currently works at the same University where she is teaching calligraphy, drawing and history of graphic design courses. She has participated in the mail art project with her students as part of the experimental design class.

She sent us her digital print self-portrait ‘Hello Myself’.

Ekin Su Topcu

A group of Ekin’s students send us some fantastic digital prints. sent us their contributions to our exhibition. Tugba Gurkan Şenyavaş, Murat Demir, Enes Demir, Melike Kaya, Melike Çelik, Hilal Bayar, Aslihan Kaya, Yarennur Zengin, Enes Delibaş, Elif Falci, Fatma Karaibrahim, Nazmiye Avci, Seval Karadağ, Emine Nur Ünlü, Muhammet Cağri Özçelik, Eyüp Altintaş, Zülfikar Kılıç, Kübra Aygün, Tuğce Derle, Kader Çavdar and Seyma Nur Demirtaş has contributed their mail art to our exhibition this year.


Arif Ziya Tunç [Turkey]

Arif Ziya Tunç is an artist and art teacher from Izmir, Turkey. He dedicated hi ls working life teaching the art on many levels. He works as a professor at Dokuz Eylül University leading Graphic Design and Photography courses.

Arif sent us a digital print ‘Tired Hermes’. For more information about his art, please visit the website.

Arif Ziya Tunc

Uta Richter [Switzerland]

Uta Richter is a German artist who lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Her portraits and human figures are painted in a bold, expressionist style. She drew her inspiration from mythology and numerous travels around the world. In her artist statement, she says ‘I try to understand and deconstruct the essential mechanisms of human existence: What helps victory, of what does weakness consist.’.

To see more of Uta’s art, please visit her website and watch the video (in French).

Uta Richer