Ruth Bourne (UK)

Ruth Bourne is a Droitwich Spa photographer and a member of f.Action group of photographers. Ruth has an interest in all aspects of photography – portraits, nature, architecture, landscape, macro… She sent us her black & white photograph “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. 

Ruth Bourne

Cinla Şeker (Turkey)

Cinla Şeker is an artist from Izmir, Turkey. She is an artist and graphic designer since 1998 and lecturer at Dokuz Eylül University. She says about her work: “I am an artist who works on digital images, manipulates them in order to create surrealist places, objects.”

Cinla Şeker


Bahar Dinçakman (Turkey)

Bahar Dinçakman is a young artist and lecturer at  Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, Turkey. She contributed to this year’s Droitwich Mail Art exhibition with a digital print “Letters to Izmir”.  She is interested in cultural identities, urban art, graffiti, typography, advertising…

Bahar Dinçakman

Arif Ziya Tunç (Turkey)

Arif Ziya Tunç is a graphic artist, printmaker and photographer from Buca, Izmir in Turkey. He has taken a part in lots of state and institutional competitions and international print biennials. Arif is an associated professor at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir. He sent us printed envelope “Scriptures”. 

To find out more about Arif’s art please visit his website.

Arif Ziya Tunç

Štefica Radovanov (Serbia)

Štefica Radovanov, an artist from Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia, has sent us two abstract paintings in acrylic – “Tomorrow’s Another Day” and “Sentimental Landscape”. Štefica’s paintings are rich in colours and bold in gesture. Though both cards are done in rich layers of colours, they still keep freshness and lightness of the watercolours.

Stefica Radovanov (1)

Stefica Radovanov (2)