Lars Schumacher (Germany)

Lars Schumacher has taken a part in the Droitwich Mail Art exhibition in 2016 with different acrylic printed wood postcards. He is working in the field of visual communication, short experimental films and photographs. With a documentary about the opening of the inner-German border and a film study of young people in his hometown Hanover in 1989, he launched the free film work. Since 1996 Lars is involved in the local television ministry in Lower Saxony for the projects OKOK TELEVISION and h1 – Television from Hanover.

In 2013 he started to make wood postcards for several mail art projects. In 2016 he created a serial with the personal pictures from generations of the Schumacher family who is located in the north of Germany (near Hanover). For the 3rd Droitwich Mail Art exhibition, he sent an old picture of his uncle as a child where he was playing in the courtyard of the home.

Lars was a member of an international jury for several art exhibitions, but mostly he likes the free art movement in Europe. He is interested in connecting with other artists for art-exchange and organising art exhibitions in Germany.

To find out more about Lars Schumacher’s art, please visit his website.

Lars Schumacher (2)Lars Schumacher (1)


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